Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BCB-Atlas style :)

Tonight I made the one thing everyone loves, (well, I say everyone because I have YET to find someone who dislikes them) The Atlas's buffalo chicken burrito. When my sister and friends come to town, it's one of their immediate suggestions on where to eat. So, one night I decided that I wanted one but didn't want to drive all  the way into Iowa City, so I made it myself! It has been a hit in my family and with my friends. We still love the Atlas because they have GREAT mojitos and it's always nice to have someone else make dinner for you, hehe! 
First off, I want to bring to everyone's attention that this is NOT healthy but a perfect meal for your 'cheat day'! I have made it a few times and it keeps getting better. 

Here's what I used:
-Tysons' buffalo chicken strips (2 for each burrito). Baked them as directed. 
-I made homemade mashed potatoes with a little dry ranch dressing added for extra flavor BUT you can use Yukon gold instant mashed potatoes as directed on the box. Make sure they are on the thicker side. I also added a little celery salt to the mix, but definitely not necessary. 
-The sauce: 6-8oz of light sour cream,1/2pkg of hidden valley ranch (dry) dressing mix together and add 1/4C of Franks hot sauce(Probably could use a LITTLE less to cut down on the spice, if you're sensitive!). I suggest halfing it if you are making it for just one or two people, we had a TON left over! I use ~1-2oz of regular sour cream for my mashed potatoes.
-sliced and/or grate some baby carrots and celery
-Large tortilla shells, I used the 96% Fat free but that was just what I had at the house.

Now for the assembly!!
-Warm tortilla in mic just to make it easier to work with
-Spread the hot sauce dip on one side of the tortilla
-Next add potatoes then top with carrots and celery
-I added a little ranch dressing and extra sauce to the top 
Wrap and enjoy

The final product! I used more celery and carrots than usual, it's definitely preference but they make a difference!

Finally, they go great with a beer (New Glarus Moon Man, Goose Island's Fleur, or New England's Triple are my favs) but tonight we chose a red wine, which was also a great option! 

Please enjoy!!

-Place 2 chicken strips on the spread

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