Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Duper

Today is our first tutorial!
I am so excited to share it and I hope it is helpful. I started this shirt as a way to provide support to a
SUPER little guy, Adlai.
He is currently going through chemo due to a recent diagnosis of HSP nephritis, a kidney disorder that can result in kidney failure if not treated aggressively with Cytoxan (chemo). He is an extremely tough and resilient little man and my heart just goes out to him and his family.
Adlai, like many young boys, LOVES super heroes. I thought that he needed to show a little of his own super hero within himself so we decided to put his "identity" on this shirt to help him get through the hospitalization stays, clinic visits, and chemo itself. I used short sleeves as it's easier for IVs and shots, even though its blistering cold here! I thought maybe I could do a cape to help keep him warm, that might just be a future tutorial :)

I started with a picture of the Superman logo and drew a template of the outer shield onto construction paper. From there I added the letter A to the center. You can use Microsoft word to help with letters or a Cricut, luckily  'A' is a pretty easy letter to free hand, so that's what I did!

I traced the template on to fabric and then onto Heat Bond Lite (my sister likes Wonder Under better, either will do :))

I used an iron to adhere the Heat bond to the Fabric cut out and then ironed the shield onto the shirt.

 Now, on to the shirt!

Next, I used my sewing machine (instead of sewing around by hand) to go around the outsides of the iron-ons. I did a couple of different options, thought I would show both :)

Note, if you don't sew around the iron-ons, the applique will start to fall off in a couple of washing's.

I sure hope this little man enjoys his new super shirts!!!
We will be selling these shirts and 20% of the proceeds will go to the University Of Iowa's Children's Hospital.

We are hoping to blog as often as possible this year! We would love to hear from people about things they want to learn. Also, we're not keeping this to just crafts either. We have some great food demos, kids games/book ideas, picture art, etc! 

Hello 2012!

If you wish to order, please email with your desired size and the letter you would like!

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