Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to the blogging world right?!

Hey all! I started this blog as a way to introduce our business in a different way.

My sister (Diane) and I (Jennifer) started making hair accessories for my daughter last spring. can't get enough of it! We constantly have ideas running through our head, now if only there was enough time :) I also hope to put up tutorials as well as start some 5 helpful ways to...OR 5 ideas...we shall see how this goes :)
 Little did we know it would turn into a wonderfully fun little side business. I will give a little history for the both of us. We both grew up in Dubuque, IA. Diane currently lives there and is working as a preschool teacher in a small town very close to there. I live in North Liberty, IA which is about 8 miles from the University of Iowa. (GO HAWKS!!) I live with my husband, Ottis, and our beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is our pride and joy. Being the only grandbaby, she is spoiled! I work at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist (exercise physiologist) and just love it. My sister and I have been close our whole life, well, except from when I turned 14 to probably 21, I was much cooler than she was. All of that aside, it would make sense that I have her as my business partner. I'm the fly off the handle, got a spur up my butt kind of girl. She's the cautious, let's think about things before we do them person. Combine the two of us and we are a perfect pair.
  Our business started this past June because of a friend of mine who was opening up a local business in our mall. She loved the accessories we made and she wanted to sell them in her store. We just took off from there. We are overwhelmed with everyone who has supported us each step of the way! We come from a family of 'crafters'. Our grandmother E made everything, clothes, quilts, pillows, crochet items, and seasonal gifts. She is a master of all crafting traits and has taught her daughters and granddaughters well. Our grandmother M would mend everything and even dabbled in making clothes. We, however, did not start to actually start crafting until, well, this year and now we can't stop. We are loving life and are very fortunate to have amazing people to help guide us.
I will post pictures of items I made for family members for this holiday season and list the websites that I got them from. Keep paying it forward right?

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